Our Collections

For maximum lightening results, the Luminance collection is specially designed to reduce blemishes, sunspots, and hyper-pigmentation. Luminance is formulated from Lactic acid, which is clinically known to be a safe lightening agent on the skin with very effective results. Because of its healing qualities as well as its ability to deeply exfoliate the skin, our Luminance collection will safely and effectively lift most discolorations, dramatically making the skin appear smooth, brightened, and clear.

For maximum anti-aging results, Eternal collection will dramatically reduce the look of creases, fine lines, and wrinkles. Eternal’s glycolic solution stimulates progressive collagen growth, promoting healthy firmer skin. Its purpose is to enhance further plumping of the skin and smooth out wrinkles with optimal results.

For maximum anti-acne treatment, the highly effective Clarity collection have the potency to treat even the most stubborn of acne. Its advanced salicylic formula provides a deep exfoliation, eliminating dirt and bacteria, while dramatically lifting acne scars resulting in a dramatic decrease in breakout and clearer, smoother skin.


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